Since the financial front page reported on the intraday trading of Guangzhou's current gold investment on August 31Precious metal bars, many investors who lost huge amounts of money in non-standard gold trading have called reporters to tell the story of being deceived. Among them, investor Aling said 160,000 yuan was operated by the company privately, leaving only 40,000 yuan.

2. The final Markit composite PMI of the Eurozone in June was 46.4, which is expected to be 46.0, and the previous value was also 46.0. The index has been below 50 in nine of the past 10 months, indicating that the euro zone’s economic weakness has spread to core countries.

From the perspective of international fund trends, the CFTC gold position report shows that as of the week of April 19, the fund held 274,208 long COMEX contracts, 59,282 short positions, and 214,926 net long positions. The long position of the fund accounted for more than 50% of the total position, indicating that the fund is still optimistic about the gold price.

VirtualMetals analyst CarlFirman said, I think the two parties in the United States will reach an agreement, the gold market will be suppressed by profit-taking, but this does not mean the end of the gold rally. The US Congress will introduce some temporary measures, which will only postpone the problem further, and there is still much room for gold to rise.

However, while the price of gold has repeatedly hit historical highs, its risks are also increasing. Beijing mid-term analyst Wu Zhengzheng said that the early gold price was seriously overbought, which put excessive pressure on the top and technical requirements for a fall. In the short term, the price of gold may usher in a high level of volatility, with US$1150 per ounce as an important support, but it is difficult for the price of gold to fall sharply in the short term. It is still bullish in the medium term and is expected to further rise after short-term adjustments.

We have entered an era of beggar-thy-neighbors, where paper currency will eventually become waste paper, Scott said. He believes that any asset that can be stored in value like gold can be used to avoid currency risks. In the long run, Scott believes that non-monetary assets such as gold, jewelry, and art will be Precious metal barsbetter investment targets than financial assets.

The interest rate decisions of the three major central banks have been announced this week, and the market has now focused on the June non-agricultural employment data that will be released later on Friday (July 8). Some analysts pointed out that regardless of whether the results of the US non-agricultural employment data in June are sad or happy, the US dollar may rise after the indicator is announced.

Liang Yu, executive vice president of the Beijing Stock Exchange, stated that the Beijing Equity Exchange and the Bank of Beijing have established a future-oriented strategic partnership with gold investment as the core, aiming to leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the Beijing Stock Exchange to develop the gold market and the credit advantages of the Bank of Beijing. , In-depth expansion of gold investment channels.

Comex-April gold futures closed up 12.80 US dollars, or 0.73%, to 1,771.30 US dollars / ounce. Comex gold futures hit a record high of US$1,923.70 per ounce on September 6, 2011. Gold futures rose by US$145.40 for the whole year of 2011, an increase of 10.23%.